In Mr. Lacy we live, breathe and love. We believe in a world that unites and connects people who share a common interest in the color and joy of life. We believe that positivity brings with it many opportunities and opportunities for evolution. In Mr. Lacy we believe that with simple moves we can create a new look, original, fashionable, intense, pure and progressive thinking that leads to a happy life.

We believe in a green and healthy planet with respect for nature and the environment.

We invite everyone to put color and simplicity in their lives to make our world a happier and better place to live.

VETO SA is the official representative of Mr. Lacy in Greece and Cyprus since 2014.

The biggest lace brand in the world

Since 2000 the iconic and internationally established Mr.Lacy brand has been dominating the shoelaces category. Driven by an energetic and diverse team with innovation at the heart of their products, Mr.Lacy is a positively progressive company that proudly stands at the tip of shoelace iceberg and is always seeking new ways to create trends, uniqueness and desirability.

Using the latest technologies such as hydrophobic coatings or the patented Hexagrip® feature, Mr.Lacy takes pride in using the best quality fibers available to make the finest products. Always on the lookout for the next opportunity to expand their ideas and inspiring a generation to express themselves through timeless pieces, Mr.Lacy is shaping the future of shoelaces.


Mr Lacy Greece