The story of Footbalance starts in 2003 with Erkki Hakkala, a physiotherapist specialized in podiatric medicine. An innovator by nature, Hakkala founded a foot and lower limb analysis clinic at the Diacor Medical Centre in Helsinki to develop more modern treatment methods that would better serve patients. Inventions to improve the well-being of people have never been in short supply, but for some reason our feet have been largely neglected.

While treating patients Hakkala grew concerned that the majority of the population is at risk from issues related to their lower limb alignment, but usually don’t consider their lower limb health until coming down with a severe foot injury or acute, debilitating pain. Such conditions could be easily prevented with the right steps. Hakkala realized that easier access to preventative solutions, particularly custom insoles, was the key to raising awareness and helping people earlier. This would require a more affordable product that could step beyond the confines of medical clinics and into the context of people’s everyday lives.

As Footbalance expands across the globe our ultimate objective remains the same: to help the owners of the world’s 13 billion different feet obtain better well-being through innovative foot support solutions!

Know Your Feet

Everyone’s feet are different and often our own feet differ from right to left. FootBalance’s foot analysis identifies your foot type while FootBalance Custom Insoles are individually moulded to your unique feet to support them in a neutral position aiding a balanced stance and correct posture.

Foot Misalignment & the body

Over 75% of the population suffers from misalignment such as overpronation or excessive supination. The effects can be felt throughout the body, whether in muscle and joint pain or through more serious injuries.

Scientifically Designed with Your Health & Comfort in Mind

An independent research by the University of Jyväskylä Finland and University Salzburg Austria confirms that FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles have the potential to prevent injuries. FootBalance constantly looks to build on our background in physiotherapy.